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    1. Nav Bharat Industries

      Maize Thresher

      Nav Bharat Industries is the leading manufacturer, and supplier of maize sheller/dehusker threshers tractor? or engine driven in? India.? It is used to remove the grains and cover from the cobs. In dehusker? the maize cover and grains are separately removed , while in maize sheller farmer has to remove the cover by hand and then crop id fed into machine to remove grains. These threshers are manufactured using premium grade components and advanced technology under the supervision of our experts in order to meet the set industry standards. The offered range is durable, rugged in design, easy to operate and maintain and give a high-level performance.?

      for more ease of operation and to save manpower , we provide elevator to lift grains from bottom to up to feed into trolly as can be seen in photo .

      Also we provide conveyor? to feed the machine with maize crop from bottom instead of feeding from top . In this way we can save? lot of manpower. Further by using conveyor we can use less power from tractor and can have more output from machine . prices on request only.?




      Type Maize Threshers
      Certification ISO 9001:2008
      Weight 1000-2000kg
      Color Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow
      Condition New
      Warranty 1year
      Threshing Capacity 3000-4000kg/hr
      Brand Name PRAKASH
      Production Capacity 200 PCS PER MONTH
      After-sales Service Provided YES ( ON CONDITION)

      Additional Information

      Product Code PT25 MD
      Min. Order Quantity 4 Piece(s)
      Port NAVA SHIVA
      Payment Terms T/T
      Delivery Time 15 DAYS

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