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    1. Nav Bharat Industries

      Seed cum Fertilizer Drill

      We have marked a dynamic position in the market by presenting a high-quality range of seed cum fertilizer drill. Nav Bharat Industries is well-reckoned for manufacturing and supplying seed cum fertilizer drill in Uttar Pradesh. The offered range is specially designed for facilitating the multi-seed plantation activities in agricultural farms. Our range is used in sowing seeds, applying fertilizers and covering the seeds with soil. It is used to sow seeds at equal distance and proper depth. It is highly recommended in the market because it saves labor cost, gives higher yield crops and more than one crop seed sowing possible at a time. Contact us to get the best deal on the offered range.


      Use Agricultural Use
      Weight 100-200kg
      Automatic Grade Semi Automatic
      Driven Type Hydraulic
      Features Accuracy, Easy To Operate
      Warranty 1year

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